How to report a bug in the Bedrock TI code

One of the reasons Bedrock TI has been released to the public is to allow active collaboration between members of the TM1 community. TM1 is used in many weird and wonderful ways and it is our expectation that although the Bedrock TI code has been throughly tested there may be some cases were bugs may be found.

If you find a bug submit it by following steps these steps:

  1. Login into the Bedrock source repository using the anonymous user name and password: 
    HINT: Press the Fill out captcha button to save some typing. 

  2. Click on the Tickets menu at the top of the screen

  3. Click on the New Ticket link 

    New Ticket  
  4. Enter the details of the bug / enhancement

     Ticket Details
  5. Click SUBMIT





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